Recently, Coterra had the privilege of sponsoring Camp Freedom’s annual dinner, a remarkable event that honors disabled veterans, first responders, and Gold Star families. With over 400 people in attendance, the atmosphere at the Hotel Anthracite was nothing short of exhilarating. The crowd was so large that part of the event had to be moved outside, underneath the parking deck, to accommodate the overwhelming number of attendees. Seeing the community coming together to support and honor our veterans and first responders is heartwarming.

The event’s success was evident as it sold out for the fourth consecutive year and achieved a new fundraising record above $200,000 by the night’s end.

Coterra’s external affairs team hosted employees, veterans, and first responders from across Pennsylvania at its tables. Their presence symbolized the strong bond between Coterra and those who have served our country, further highlighting the collective appreciation for their selfless dedication.

Also joining Coterra’s table for the festivities were Pennsylvania State Senator Marty Flynn and State Rep Jon Fritz, emphasizing the importance of bipartisan support in recognizing the contributions of our veterans and first responders.

Camp Freedom Executive Director Matt Guedes and Founder Bill Bachenberg honored Coterra with the organization’s prestigious legacy award. This award specifically recognized Coterra’s recent donation of $1,333,333 into Camp Freedom’s Training and Events Center, a multi-year project to build additional educational services for veterans and first responders.

“Coterra takes great pride in supporting Camp Freedom and its tireless efforts to assist disabled veterans and first responders in Pennsylvania and nationwide,” expressed George Stark, Coterra’s External Affairs Director. “We eagerly anticipate the prospects that await the construction of Camp Freedom’s new facility. Moreover, we are thrilled to witness the expansion of services facilitated by Camp Freedom’s partnerships with esteemed academic institutions like Lackawanna College, Penn College, and the Susquehanna County CDL School. These collaborations will undoubtedly enhance Camp Freedom’s ability to serve better those who have selflessly served our country.”

Once completed, Camp Freedom’s new training and events facility will be a game-changer for the organization and the individuals it serves. With a capacity to accommodate up to 600 people, the facility will enable more significant events and gatherings that will benefit an even more substantial number of individuals. The facility will feature multiple office spaces for staff and conference rooms that will serve as versatile classrooms. Amenities such as restrooms and a commercial-grade kitchen will ensure the comfort and convenience of all participants. Not only will Camp Freedom utilize this space, but it will also open its doors to other veteran and first responder groups, as well as law enforcement organizations, fostering collaboration and community support.

“This project aims to create a new area within Camp Freedom, providing an enhanced environment for veterans to fully enjoy their post-911 GI bill. This is money they earned through their service to this country, “Matt Geudes said. “Helping these heroes transition into a new career is an important step in the healing process and something we look forward to providing!”

“This project endeavors to establish a dedicated space within Camp Freedom, offering an enriched environment for veterans to fully utilize their post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, which they have rightfully earned through their dedicated service to our nation,” emphasized Guedes. “Assisting these heroes in transitioning into new careers is a crucial milestone in their healing process, and it is a privilege for us to provide such support.”

During the event, it was also announced that Lancer Systems is investing $300,000 into the Camp Freedom facility. Such support from corporate entities demonstrates their commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our American heroes.

The success of Camp Freedom and the annual dinner was only possible with the unwavering support of the energy industry and Coterra’s partners like RLE Enterprises, Keystone Clearwater, RHL, and Grimm Construction. These organizations were actively involved during the auction and continue contributing their donated services throughout the year, showcasing their dedication to Camp Freedom’s mission.

About Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom is more than just a hunting, fishing, or hiking retreat our nation’s heroes. It serves as an opportunity for individuals seeking continued healing in their life’s journey to find spiritual, physical, and mental peace within the great outdoors. By providing high-quality outdoor adventures combined with peer-to-peer interaction and camaraderie, Camp Freedom empowers disabled veterans, first responders, their families, and Gold Star families.

If you would like to learn more about Camp Freedom or are interested in their services, please let the external affairs team know or visit them here