Throughout the summer, the pages of the Well Said Coterra blog have been graced with the stories of 16 outstanding individuals who embarked on an extraordinary journey – Coterra’s immersive and impactful corporate internship program. Coterra’s program was designed to foster the growth of future energy leaders by creating opportunities for students to work on real-world challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Coterra’s commitment to talent development shines through its robust internship program. This summer, these dynamic interns were strategically placed across diverse operational areas, including reservoir, drilling and? completions (D&C), land, and even embedded in the PBU’s electrical engineering department. Their journey wasn’t about fetching coffee or filing papers; it was about solving real industry problems and making a tangible impact.

Central to the program’s success are the individual projects assigned to each intern. These projects are designed to facilitate holistic learning experiences that include data collection, cross-departmental collaboration, and field visits. The interns were empowered to navigate through complex challenges, showcasing their problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

As the program came to an end, the interns embarked on their final journey to showcase months of dedicated effort and professional growth at Coterra’s corporate office in Houston, Tx. The atmosphere of this office is one of leadership and strategic focus; the perfect environment for our interns to transform into confident presenters, poised to unveil the outcomes of their summer-long endeavors to the senior leadership team and CEO and President, Tom Jorden. 

Coterra’s senior leadership team was fully engaged in the presentations and spent time digging deep into the information to better understand the findings from all angles. The Q&A session that ensued was not just a mere formality; it was a genuine assessment of the interns’ work, an opportunity for them to expand on their ideas, and a chance to demonstrate their analytical and communication skills. This opportunity reflected the dedication they showed while working on their projects and highlighted Coterra’s commitment to nurturing critical thinking and adaptability.

The significance of this final presentation extended beyond a mere showcase of achievements. It symbolized the interns’ embodiment of Coterra’s values and vision for the future.

Coterra’s internship program isn’t just about a summer experience; it’s about nurturing the seeds of innovation, growth, and leadership that will bear fruit in the years to come. As these interns’ step into the world, they carry with them the knowledge that they were part of something exceptional – an internship that’s more than meets the eye.

Don’t take it from us, here is what the interns had shared about their experiences:

“This project allowed me to gain experience in Upstream oil & gas on the production side learning how the wells are production and, on the facilities side, optimizing the storage and movement of production fluid” – Joseph Naddy

“#1 thing that I took away is to never be afraid to try new things/ask questions. This internship helped me gain a ton of field experience. The people at Coterra and in the field are unmatched.” – Taro Tanaka