In the heart of the Land of Enchantment, where diverse landscapes intertwine with rich agricultural traditions, Coterra and Unit Drilling recently opened their doors to the future leaders of New Mexico’s agriculture community.

A handful of Future Farmers of America (FFA) state officers from every corner of New Mexico represented a unique blend of high school and college students, each hailing from distinct agricultural backgrounds and harboring diverse aspirations post-graduation. This diversity became the catalyst for conversations throughout their day-long visit, adding depth and perspective to their shared experience.

For the majority of these FFA officers, this visit marked their inaugural encounter with the energy industry, particularly the intricacies of oil and gas operations. The day, though rewarding, wasn’t without its challenges. Difficult-to-navigate lease roads, sporadic cellphone reception, and the bustling traffic of the oil industry all contributed to a journey that mirrored the rugged determination often associated with both agriculture and energy sectors.

Guiding the officers through this educational immersion were Coterra’s Drilling and Completions (D&C) Manager, Grant Muncrief, and D&C Engineer, Weston Sleeper. Muncrief, a former New Mexico FFA Chapter President in Farmington, and Sleeper, a member of Oklahoma’s FFA, brought their personal insight into the mix, making the experience even more relatable. The tour took the students through the drilling operation at the Coriander Thyme location. They explored mud motors, the back yard, walking package, the rig floor, and even the drillers’ operation, also known as the dog house. Muncrief and Sleeper wove explanations of the technological and engineering intricacies that powered the site’s operations.

The culmination of this visit was marked by a gesture of gratitude from the FFA officers to Coterra. They presented the company with a plaque, an emblem of recognition for Coterra’s steadfast support of the New Mexico FFA Foundation and its involvement in the recent statewide convention.

As Coterra looks ahead, the excitement for future collaborations with these aspiring leaders is palpable. Becca Myers, External Affairs Specialist at Coterra, shared her anticipation for the year ahead. “There is something special about this group,” she remarked, thrilled to feel the hunger in their willingness to learn more about the oil and gas industry.

Plans are underway to host other groups, including educators and the New Mexico Farm Bureau. Coterra is confident that these FFA officers, with their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, will play an integral role in these forthcoming efforts.

This collaboration underscores the power of education, shared experiences, and the pursuit of knowledge in bridging gaps and fostering a more interconnected, informed, and empowered generation. As the sun sets on another day in New Mexico, the seeds of partnership between Coterra and the FFA officers continue to grow, promising a future rich in possibilities for all involved.