Getting Familiar with Geology: Anadarko

The Anadarko Basin predates the Permian Basin, geologically, having formed during the late Cambrian and early Permian ages. It stretches from the Panhandle of Texas east into Oklahoma, where Coterra Energy actively produces natural gas and crude oil from 182,000 net acres. Historically, the Anadarko Basin produced the largest amount of natural gas of any play to the end of the 20th century. 

Though not so far away from the Permian Basin as the crow flies, the Anadarko Basin is dramatically different in its composition and variety of yields. At its southern end is the great Witchita-Amarillo uplift, where sediment is more than 40,000 feet deep, and wells have been drilled in excess of 30,000 feet. The basin is only 2,000 feet deep at its northern and western end. Among the unique byproducts of natural gas production are iodine – the only natural source of it in the United States – and helium.

Coterra concentrates on the Woodward Shale in western Oklahoma. Woodward County is also the home of one of three large iodine plants in the state. Our production in the Anadarko Basin is dominated slightly by natural gas at 54 percent, the remaining 46 percent being petroleum liquids. In 2022, our volume was 54.6 MBOE (thousands of barrels of oil equivalent per day).

Woodward, established in 1887, has been a major hub of the energy industry since oil was discovered there in 1892. Woodward County is also the site of a growing number of wind farms. Increased energy production is a large part of the community’s current revival, contributing to low unemployment and sparking a construction renaissance that includes new hotels and restaurants. It is a community steeped in culture and the arts that also offers recreational opportunities such as miles of nature trails, the newly renovated Fuller Park, and the Crystal Beach Sports Complex and Aquatics Center.

Not only has the Anadarko Basin and Woodward Shale been prolific for us, estimated reserves of more than 15 billion barrels – 209 million in our acreage alone – guarantee that we will be there for many years to come, producing both gas and oil to help ensure America’s energy independence. Coterra is committed to extracting these vital resources in a safe and responsible manner for the benefit of all. Our key sustainability practices there include the use of electric horsepower for compression and continuous emission monitoring. 

Becca Myers

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