Coterra is dedicated to supporting agriculture and education programs in the communities where it operates. We are excited to have been a part of the recent annual New Mexico FFA Convention held in Las Cruces. This remarkable event brought together members, advisers, parents, and supporters from across the state to honor the agricultural achievements of the past year and witness the emergence of future leaders within the organization.

This year’s convention was a resounding success, with an astounding 680 students participating, creating a vibrant gathering of nearly 1,000 attendees, including teachers, families, and the general public. Spanning four eventful days, the convention took place on the picturesque campus of New Mexico State University in early June.

Coterra not only provided financial support for the convention but also played a crucial role in bringing the Energy Education Foundations Mobile Oilfield Energy Unit to the convention center. This interactive exhibit proved to be immensely popular among the FFA students who attended the event. During breaks from their scheduled sessions, students had the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of energy development and gain valuable insights into its significance through 24 engaging hands-on STEM lessons.

Reflecting on the successful event, George Stark, Coterra’s Director of External Affairs, shared his thoughts, stating, “Many of our operations take place on farmland, and we recognize the symbiotic relationship between these industries. Agriculture provides the foundation for our society’s sustenance, while energy development fuels our modern world. By coexisting and supporting one another, agriculture and energy create a powerful bond that drives New Mexico’s economy.”

The New Mexico FFA is committed to serving its over 5,300 members across more than 85 schools, providing them with premier leadership opportunities, personal growth, and the tools for career success through agricultural education. Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or supporter, New Mexico FFA encourages you to explore their website and discover new ways to get involved. From agricultural advocacy to leadership development, the organization is deeply committed to helping its members uncover their passions and build promising futures.

This year’s convention was a remarkable gathering that celebrated the accomplishments of the state’s agricultural community and nurtured the growth of its future leaders. Coterra’s support and involvement underscore our commitment to fostering the mutually beneficial relationship between agriculture and energy, ensuring the prosperity of New Mexico’s economy and the sustainability of its vital industries.