As the new season is approaching, we roll into yet another year of spring festivities that acknowledge our county’s rich agricultural scene. On March 6, farmers, community members, and industry representatives will gather at Elk Lake High School for Susquehanna County Ag Day 2020.

What started as Dairy Day has in recent years expanded into an event that celebrates all aspects of the agriculture industry, covering a myriad of educational topics and drawing hundreds of guests to the school. Once again this year, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is picking up the tab for lunch for all vendors and guests.

This will mark the 31st year for the event, which is largely a collaboration between the Penn State Cooperative Extension, Susquehanna County 4-H, and the Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion program. The involvement of youths and the strong educational component brought by the organizers have become hallmarks of Ag Day. Dairy royalty serve up ice cream, cheese, and cartons of milk, and the 4-H youths submit more entries to the pie contest and auction each year.

Happening near the end of winter and just before the planting season, Ag Day is anticipated by many local residents as a day to get out of the house and gather with like-minded folks. “It has become a great social event,” Falcone remarked. “It’s a good day to catch up with what’s going on across the county.”

And one of the best ways to “catch up,” she noted, is over lunch in the school’s cafeteria. Prior to 2019, a nominal fee was charged for the meal. A snow storm in 2018 limited attendance, Falcone recalled, but the number of those eating lunch increased from about 650 in 2017 to more than 800 in 2019. Lunch time will be extended this year in anticipation of a further increase in participation.

“Cabot has helped us to expand the scope of the event and increase awareness,” Falcone said of the natural gas company’s generosity, which is a natural extension of Cabot’s ongoing involvement with Ag Day and strong relationships with landowners.

“Cabot is honored to support Susquehanna County Ag Day. The bond between agriculture and energy is tight,” said George Stark, Director of External Affairs at Cabot. “From the personal level of working with local farmers to the technical front to working with fertilizers, the interaction between our fields is one of reliability. We look forward to a bright future working together for years to come.”

If you’re interested in joining us this year for another delicious lunch, it is recommended to save your seat by Wednesday, March 4. For more information or to register, call Penn State Extension at 877-345-0691.