Trade Organizations Urge President Biden to Look at “Made-in-America Energy”

Twenty-seven natural gas and oil trade organizations from across the country addressed President Biden in a letter released on June 23, 2022. As the President plans to travel to Saudi Arabia next month, industry trade groups urged him to look closer at American-made energy before seeking foreign solutions.

“Coterra welcomes the opportunity to host the #BidenAdministration to Susquehanna County, PA. This is the home of the #MarcellusShale and is the largest #NaturalGas producing county on the East Coast,” said George Stark, Director of External Affairs.

The letter is a plea from the trade organizations and the millions of energy workers across the country. It’s an open invitation to the President and his cabinet to explore how energy is produced and delivered from start to finish. From production to infrastructure to refineries, our industry is proud of the process and would welcome the opportunity to showcase all aspects of it.

Our nation contains some of the most prolific natural gas-producing assets in the world… And they’re located in the Marcellus Shale. The same region of Northeast Pennsylvania where the President was born. That’s not to overlook the magnitude of energy coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska or the Permian and Bakken basins.

With these abundant, affordable, and reliable resources, American-made energy can and should be considered a viable solution.

We’d also like to highlight these additional resources that further bolster the importance of domestic natural gas and oil:

George Stark

George is the Director of External Affairs at Coterra Energy. He is responsible for managing all public relations, community outreach, advertising and political affairs for the company. Prior to working with Coterra, George held numerous public policy, public relations and governmental affairs positions in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. George graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science.

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