As much as we appreciate our collaborations with so many wonderful industry partners in the field, we also appreciate their camaraderie when we can get together for lighter moments, including fundraisers for the communities in which we work. On Sept. 14, it was all about fun and family when Coterra hosted Energy Night at PNC Field as the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton RailRiders took on the Worcester Red Sox as part of a four-game series.

Hundreds of employees joined managers of their respective companies as our guests to the game, filling the Kost Tire Pavilion. They were treated to cheeseburgers, hot dogs and other traditional ballpark fare. A number of elected officials and other civic leaders also took us up on our invitation to enjoy a stellar evening in the PNC Stadium.

“The event brings together colleagues and their families to show our region’s support of the industry,” said Gina Suydam, president of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. “The game and the picnic allow the Chamber to connect with many members and meet their families.”

“It’s great to bring our industry workers and supporters together for a night of friendship,” Mike Narcavage, senior government and community affairs manager at Southwestern Energy, agreed.

In addition to greeting guests from our partner companies, George Stark, Coterra’s director of external affairs, was invited to the infield prior to the start of the game to welcome the crowd and share with them Coterra’s commitment to providing safe, affordable natural gas for many years to come. We cheered as B.J. Cline, divisional superintendent of our Marcellus business unit, threw an impressive first pitch. And Bill desRosiers, our government affairs director, and I were invited into the club’s radio suite for an interview.

Meanwhile, students, instructors and alumni from the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas (LC PNG) were catching up with each other. Curriculum/education coordinator Hayley Rupakas said that Energy Night provided a great opportunity to talk with fellow graduates and find out how they had grown within the industry. “It’s a really good way also to get to know each other and have a sort of bonding experience with others in the field,” she stated.

“I really do enjoy the family feel,” fellow LC PNG instructor Jeremy Yadloski said of his first Energy Night experience. “It’s a great opportunity to meet someone new or just relax and enjoy each other’s company.”

“Our employees work hard day in and day out. Energy Night serves as a way for them to relax and take their family to the ballpark and make some good memories,” Mike Narcavage remarked.

As if we weren’t having enough fun just hanging out with each other, the RailRiders gave a great game. They got off to a slow start but rallied in the fourth inning and held on to a 4-1 lead, bumping them briefly into first place in a hotly contested triple-A Major League roster.