Join us for the second half of the journey our interns recently took while exploring the Permian Basin.

Return to Midland Insights

After lunch, the interns did their final vehicle shuffle as the group returned to Midland. Each vehicle had one or two Coterra team members that spent most of the windshield time answering questions and providing advice.  Some of the topics in one vehicle covered all bases, including questions about the impact of downturns on positional livelihoods, college degree tracts to stay relevant and necessary for the future of this industry, and their personal experiences in school and how applicable their programs of study were to “real-world” experiences like these summer internships.

Other questions asked by the interns included covering topics such as natural gas prices, getting gas to the market, the role of operators, what is spearing, and the benefits of gaining experience in one area of operation versus learning a little bit about all stages. 

When asked what surprised them the most about the last two days, one intern expressed, “Well, I haven’t ever seen a production facility so to spend that much time at one and getting to ask questions was super cool.” Another commented that “the system in the Doghouse was fascinating. I didn’t realize how automated and technologically connected everything is now in there. The driller gets to see and control almost everything about a rig.” When reflecting from a high-level perspective, one of our drilling and completions interns remarked on how “hospitable and incredibly knowledgeable” everyone they met was. He expressed how genuinely comfortable he felt asking questions of the group leaders and experts and that you can “feel how passionate they are about what they do. It’s cool.” 

When asked specifically about the differences they’re seeing in the Marcellus versus the Permian, they commented on how “overtly present” the industry is throughout the Permian. “Every road and all the cities we’ve been in and through, it’s so evident that the [infrastructure] directly supports the industry. Watching sand hauler trucks, water trucks, and equipment being transported all day on the same roads normal cars are also on has surprised me. The support operations are much more evident here [Permian] than the MBU. You wouldn’t know that production was happening because of the way landowners and exploration occur there.”

Impacting the Future Workforce

This 2023 Corporate Interns Field Tour also had a broader impact that extends beyond this group. Jorge and Shane, who presented during the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) Flipped Internship for high school students in June, utilized this field trip as an opportunity to further enhance presenting on day-to-day production operations to a nontraditional audience. By sharing their expertise and experiences with the younger generation, they are playing a crucial role in shaping our future workforce. The resilience and enthusiasm displayed by these college interns, enduring scorching temperatures with smiles on their faces, exemplified their newfound appreciation for the hardworking crews responsible for successful operations.

Coterra’s 2023 intern field trip in the Permian Basin was an adventure that left an indelible mark on each of us. Through hands-on experiences, informative presentations, and the guidance of dedicated professionals, we gained a deeper understanding of the oil industry’s complexities. Coterra extends a heartfelt thanks to those involved in making this field trip a resounding success. It was a remarkable journey that enhanced knowledge, ignited passion, and solidified our company’s commitment to the energy sector.