Active Military Employee Presents Appreciation Awards

Active Military Employee Expresses Appreciation to Coterra Leaders

Coterra Employee Presents Appreciation Awards to Leadership

At a June safety meeting, one of Coterra’s Northeast PA (NEPA) field operators, Tom Jagel presented certificates of appreciation to multiple peers and leaders who support his active military service. Tom gratefully recognized his current foreman, Sully Rutledge, along with other members of the Coterra leadership team for their extensive support and encouragement before, during, and after his training missions and deployments. 

When Tom first joined the company in January 2019, he knew that remaining an active member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard might be difficult; however, throughout his tenure at the company, he has found support at every turn. Shortly after he was fully trained and given a route to manage, Tom was given deployment orders and was gone for a little over a year. When he returned in July 2021, he found it easy to get right back into the routine and was able to integrate into Coterra’s daily operations without a hitch. And shortly after that, when Tom had to leave for a training opportunity in Lithuania, those around him rallied to fill the gaps and figure out the details of his leave.  

Tom has been on active military duty for the past 14 years, and throughout that time, has seen both sides of the spectrum and truly values and appreciates those employers that provide a high level of support. In a recent interview, Tom said, “I am relieved, happy, and thankful for the support of Coterra and how easy it has been to continue serving and to maintain a great work environment.”

Tom most enjoys the chance to work outside, using his two hands to find solutions, and exercising his mechanical mind. He has received all of his training on the job site and finds the culture of Coterra to be one of trust and opportunity that fosters learning and growth.

Military Appreciation Awards Presentation

Although Tom has lived in NEPA his entire life, he has been to multiple locations across the globe for training and deployment. And yet he always returns to this area…to his hometown… and is thankful for the opportunity Coterra provides to build a career in his backyard.

Natalie Clarke

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