Last week, we answered the #AskCabot question, “What is a Company Man,” with the tweet “A Company Man oversees all the operations at an active drilling location.” Sure, this answers the question, but we really wanted to give our readers a true idea of what a Company Man does.We spoke with Company Man, Sam Pierce, about his job. Sam lives with other Cabot employees and contractors on the well site for two weeks at a time, and then receives two weeks off to spend as he wishes.Q: In your own words, what do you do? As a Company Man, I supervise the entire drilling location and make sure that the rig complies with Cabot policies. I also work with third-party vendors and contractors to make sure that all safety requirements are met. Q: As a Cabot Company Man, what are your working hours like? I generally work 12 hours a day, but it fluctuates depending on the job we’re performing on the well pad site. If we are cementing or running casing, my hours can vary. Basically, when we have a critical task going on, both of the well site supervisors need to be on the job. Q: What is your favorite part of being a Company Man? My favorite part is knowing that the job went well and that I had a part in that. Q: Why did you decide to be a Company Man? When I began working in this industry more than 30 years ago, I knew that the job I ultimately wanted was the responsibility of leading an entire team. Q: Thanks Sam! Is there anything else that you would like to add? Cabot has really been a great company to work for. I appreciate the opportunity to come to work with these guys. Remember that today is an #AskCabot Thursday. We’ll take your questions, tagged with #AskCabot all day to our Twitter account or to our #AskCabot webpage. If you have a good question, you could be featured in next week’s recap.