The History of the Buffalo Soldiers

In 1866, six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments were established following the Army Organization Act. Of these soldiers, two cavalry regiments were named “Buffalo Soldiers” by the Native Americans that they encountered. Although these segregated troops were eventually disbanded, the Buffalo Soldiers remained a unique representation of the separation of race within the military.

Retired Army Corporal Steve Lewis

Retired Army Corporal Steve Lewis is perhaps the last living of the Buffalo Soldiers. At age 97, he recently shared some of his story with the Veterans Voices Writing Project. This program has been highlighting the stories of American heroes for more than 70 years and aims provide a voice to veterans and share their stories of service.

To learn more about the lives of the Buffalo Soldiers, check out resources such as The History Channel or the National Museum of African American History and Culture. We were honored for Cabot to have the opportunity to help share Lewis’ story through the Veterans Voices segment on WBRE.

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