In honor of Veterans Day, we’re taking a moment to highlight an organization we’ve worked closely with for almost four years: Camp Freedom. This organization’s mission is, “healing heroes with outdoor adventures,” and they are truly doing that every day. They bring individuals with disabilities, including veterans & first responders, their families, and Gold Star families to the year-round adventure camp to promote healing and foster connections between participants.

Camp Freedom Jeep Raffle

The Camp Freedom property covers 1,800 acres in the Endless Mountain region and gives heroes the opportunity to hunt, fish, hike, camp, ski, and much more. They also have goals of adding new activities such as a rifle range and survival skills training. “Sometimes I would just go out even without a weapon just to see nature, and I’m telling you it has changed my life. I now can see there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Ben Wilkins, a retired veteran from Tennessee who visited Camp Freedom. “I was a little bit hesitant about coming here because I have just seen the worst in humankind. Just seeing that there are people out there who care, they might not always have the same experiences and background that you have, but there is a connection there that gives me faith in humankind again.”

It’s through the generosity of donors that Camp Freedom is able to serve the heroes of our community. They’ll also promote raffles for various things like tickets to sporting events and even vehicles. We are so excited to share that Camp Freedom is running another huge raffle and this time, they’re raffling off two Jeep Gladiators that were designed by Count’s Kustoms! You can view the full episode of Counting Cars where they built the Jeeps here (must sign in to your TV provider to stream).

The gray Jeep has a classic military design with the logos for each branch, while the red Jeep has a superhero theme dedicated to first responders. Camp Freedom invested $145,000 into these Jeeps and their goal is to sell 10 thousand tickets, bringing their total efforts to $1 million raised. 

“100% of the money you spend on tickets goes back into Camp Freedom to help us maintain existing programs and develop new ones,” said Matt Guedes, Executive Director of Camp Freedom. “Your contributions can be tied directly back to saving the lives of our veterans and first responders and we thank you for your support.”

The winners will be chosen on May 15, 2022. The first ticket drawn will get first pick of the Jeeps. Both winners will have the option of taking the Jeep or a cash prize of $75,000. Tickets are selling quickly, so click here to buy yours today!