Guy Ciarrocchi Visits NEPA

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting with gubernatorial candidate, Guy Ciarrocchi. This meeting was part of a new energy conversation series that focuses on educating gubernatorial hopefuls about the accessible, affordable, and abundant natural gas that exists in Northeast PA. However, Guy is no stranger to the vast benefits that exist within the energy industry. He toured the Marcellus shale with former Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley to understand the intricacies of how energy is intertwined with local businesses and the overall community.

Since his first visit, Guy has seen the powerful impact of how natural gas continues to bolster economies and create endless education and career opportunities. Guy also touched on how natural gas is a feedstock for many other products, and without it, things like fertilizer, plastic, and pharmaceuticals would not be possible. 

One of the major benefits to Guy touring NEPA with us is that he can see firsthand how natural gas has transformed the region. It’s been responsible for creating thousands of jobs with family-sustaining wages, increased access to education, and it’s led to more young people staying in the area. Guy noted that, “There is no reason why PA can’t be a top 10 economy. The game changers are life sciences and energy development in the Commonwealth!” 

Accessible education is something that Coterra strives to achieve across the state. To share with Guy a small piece of our education initiatives, we arranged for him to tour the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Students at this school utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology to prepare themselves for future careers in energy. “We need to solve our midstream and infrastructure problems to expand access to communities, schools, and businesses. Increased access has the potential to increase quality of life and save our taxpayers money. It’s clear from my visit that Lackawanna college school of PNG is at the forefront of this,” said Guy.

The last stop on Guy’s NEPA tour was the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. He spoke with local business owners to learn more about their needs and what he could do to empower them if he wins the gubernatorial race next year. “I was grateful to bring Guy Ciarrocchi together with Chamber members for a discussion on issues facing businesses in the Northern Tier,” said Gina Suydam, President of the WCCC. “We discussed a common sense path forward for Pennsylvania recovery. His message shared hope for a future in PA with a goal to rebuild a strong economy.”

Prior to Guy’s visit with us, he attended the Rural Energy Coalition Regional Meeting. You can read more about his participation in that event here.