Calling all candidates! Coterra Energy has invited all candidates running for Pennsylvania Governor or the Pennsylvania United States Senate vacancy to visit northeast Pennsylvania to see our operations and partnerships within the community. Our goal during these visits is to highlight the advanced technologies we employ every day while demonstrating firsthand how our industry thrives on innovation. 

Lawmakers Visit NEPA

Likewise, Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas will open their campus and highlight the hands-on learning their students receive in the classroom. Lackawanna College understands the importance of an open dialogue with elected officials. These conversations help enact change that could impact on the success of students who are looking to begin their careers in the energy industry. The school has extended an open invitation to all candidates to talk with students and faculty to help get these conversations started.

Lawmakers Visit NEPA

Additionally, the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce will help organize a roundtable discussion for community members and business leaders who are members of the chamber. The chamber intends to use this outreach as a way for members to share how their businesses are succeeding because of the energy industry. 

Our outreach initiatives are meant to illustrate to aspiring elected officials just how important technology and education are to the industry and our communities. We must continue advancing these areas to create amazing career opportunities with family-sustaining wages that allow local students to stay in northeast Pennsylvania. Investments in the people and technology that work hard for our industry are what help make our region one of the leaders in the American energy revolution.  

In the coming weeks, you’ll see more stories that highlight our individual visits with each candidate. We’ll kick off the series next week with a feature on our time with Lou Barletta. Mr. Barletta is a former United States representative for Pennsylvania and one of the republican candidates for Governor of Pennsylvania.