At Coterra Energy, safety is a priority and a value that guides everything we do. We’re thrilled to announce that Rig 405, a Unit Drilling Company Rig operating our Reeves County asset, has achieved an outstanding safety record: eight years without a single incident reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Rig 405 had worked 506,393 hours at the end of 2022, plus another 10,598 for 2023, bringing their combined total to 516,991. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, contractors, and partners and a reminder of the critical importance of safety culture in the oil and gas industry.

Rig 405’s success results from a relentless focus on prevention, communication, and continuous improvement that has become part of Coterra’s DNA.

“This was so exciting because… there’s almost like an energy or spirit on that rig. No one wants to break the streak,” remarked Grant Muncrief, Coterra’s Drilling and Completions Manager. “It’s also extra special and cool to see because I served as a foreman on that rig.”

So how did we achieve this remarkable feat? Here are some of the key elements that contributed to Rig 405’s safety culture:

Training and Education: We invest heavily in our workforce’s safety training and education, from pre-hire orientation to ongoing skill development. Our employees and contractors receive regular safety briefings, hands-on simulations, and coaching on best practices for hazard identification, equipment use, and emergency response. Our procedures are regularly updated based on feedback and lessons learned.

Leadership and Accountability: Our safety culture starts at the top. Our senior management team sets the tone for safety excellence, leading by example and reinforcing safety as a non-negotiable value. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for safety performance, regularly reviewing and analyzing safety data, conducting audits and inspections, and rewarding positive behavior. We also encourage open and honest communication about safety concerns or near-misses, promoting a culture of trust and collaboration.

Technology and Innovation: We leverage the latest technology and innovation to enhance rig safety. For example, we use real-time monitoring and data analytics to track equipment performance, detect anomalies, and predict potential hazards. We also invest in automation, robotics, and remote operations to minimize human error and risk exposure. And we collaborate with industry associations, research institutions, and startups to explore new safety solutions and share best practices.

Community Engagement: We recognize that safety is not just a workplace issue but a community issue. We strive to be good neighbors and responsible corporate citizens, engaging with local stakeholders, supporting emergency services, and promoting safety awareness beyond our operations. We also partner with industry associations, regulatory agencies, and advocacy groups to drive safety standards and share knowledge.

As we celebrate Rig 405’s eight years without incidents on record, we’re grateful for the commitment, teamwork, and innovation that made this possible. But we also know that safety is never done and that we must remain vigilant and agile to stay ahead of evolving risks and challenges. We will continue to invest in our safety culture and work with our partners and stakeholders to achieve our goal of zero harm because safety is not just a value but a way of life.

“Thank you to Unit for their dedication and attitude around safety and commitment to this rig. It’s all about partnership. Teamwork makes the dream work!” Charlie Pritchard, Drilling, and Completions Operations Manager for Coterra.

“This is the longest-running rig I have ever worked on. The guys out there and the culture that they’ve built is awesome. They’re a family and to have support from both Coterra and Unit- you can just tell they all really care about each other.” Ryan Hessler, Unit’s Drilling Operations Manager.