At Coterra, our dedication to supporting local communities goes beyond industry borders, and one initiative that holds a special place in our hearts is Fill a Glass with Hope. For the 9th consecutive year, Coterra participated in this impactful milk donation program, which provides families in need with a gallon of milk each week. Recognizing the crucial need for milk at food banks, Coterra has been a steadfast supporter since the program’s inception, and this year marks our 5th consecutive year as a Keystone Champion Sponsor.

During a recent press conference at the opening 108th Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Coterra’s external affairs team emphasized the relationship between energy and agriculture in Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties. Many small dairy farms in this region have faced challenges over the decades, and the development of natural gas has brought newfound income to numerous farmers. In a lighthearted note, it was joked that the best-producing dairy cow on the farm is often “a natural gas well.” 

Coterra recognizes the significance of supporting local farmers and communities, as many of our employees and contractors come from a rich history of farming. Some even continue farming before and after their work with Coterra. This connection to agriculture fuels our pride in partnering with Feeding PA to bring the Fill a Glass with Hope program to the Northeast.

“Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the program has distributed over 36 million servings of fresh milk, making a tangible impact on countless lives through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and feeding programs,” says Julie Bancroft, Chief Executive Officer of Feeding Pennsylvania.  

As we look to the future, Coterra is committed to returning for a 6th year as a keystone sponsor, continuing our mission to make a positive difference in the communities we serve. Join us in making a lasting impact, one gallon of milk at a time.