Coterra Congratulates Youth Livestock Exhibitors at Farm Show

By: External Affairs Team 

At Coterra, we know that helping communities thrive starts with supporting its agriculture. As a show of support to those creating the future of this field, Coterra Energy continued its annual tradition of paying above-market prices for livestock shown by Susquehanna County youths at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Nearly a dozen 4-H members had successfully shown lambs and hogs — meaning, they had placed high enough with their animals to move on to the Youth Livestock Auction. They exhibited their livestock a final time on Jan. 9, and Coterra, along with other Susquehanna County businesses and families who have grown to support each other through the years, joined in the fun of pumping up prices for the youths.

Nearly two dozen Susquehanna County youths entered at least one animal in the Farm Show, the exceptions being several members of the Empet family who showed both lambs and hogs.

Lining up to show their lambs at the 2024 PA Farm Show on Jan. 8 are (from front) Jillian Gustin of Auburn Township, and siblings Luke and Holly Harvatine of Kingsley.

“It’s kind of exciting to see more participation from Susquehanna County. It’s the most I’ve seen in 10 years,” said Bill desRosiers, Coterra Manager of External Affairs. “It’s important for those of us at Coterra to support these youths by bidding up and purchasing their animals to acknowledge their efforts and encourage them to continue their interests in agriculture.” 

Coterra had help from energy partners Rob Boulware and Lauren Adair of Seneca Resources. Most goats were shown by 4-H youths later in the week and were not part of the youth livestock auction.

Wyatt Herbert (right) is all smiles after Bill desRosiers of Coterra paid a hefty price for his market hog at the PA Farm Show.

While Coterra set the pace for the day, averaging $1,000 to $1,250 per lamb or pig, high bids by other local businesses like New Milford Hardware, Lopatofsky Auction, and Town & Country Veterinary Services, as well as those of the participating families were in the same range. Business owners asked that the final amounts not be disclosed as they wanted to keep the focus on the youths. By the end of the day, several of the bids eclipsed the $1,250 mark.

“It’s really nice when local companies are able to buy local animals and support local families not only by purchasing them but also donating them back to food banks to help other local families,” said Alex Empet, one of the 4-H youths. “It is a true asset to have them in our communities. 4-H is a great program, and it is awesome that they are able to support it.”

Bill desRosiers of Coterra (left) congratulates Alex Empet on the successful showing of his market hog, which Coterra purchased at the PA Farm Show youth livestock auction on Jan. 9 in Harrisburg.

Each of the youths whose livestock was purchased by Coterra received a gift bag, in which there was a Yeti mug, an insulated coaster, a lanyard, a bumper sticker, and a letter from desRosiers acknowledging their efforts in raising their animals, successfully showing them, and getting them to auction. 

“Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to the agricultural community have not gone unnoticed,” he wrote, “and we at Coterra are immensely proud to support such promising individuals like you.”
The letter also reminded the youths that their animals will be processed and the meat distributed to families in need throughout Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties by Feeding Pennsylvania and the CEO Weinberg Food Bank. Coterra purchased animals brought to the Farm Show by Alex Empet, Wyatt Herbert, Chris Kowalewski, and Braxton Dana.

desRosiers also expressed congratulations to all of the following youths who took livestock to the Pennsylvania Farm Show this year: 

Celeste Clark – third-place market lamb; Braxton Dana – fourth-place market lamb; Aiden Empet – fifth-place market lamb; Alex Empet – sixth-place market lamb and fifth-place Duroc market hog; Chelsea Empet – sixth-place market lamb and sixth-place Duroc market hog; Easton Empet – sixth-place market lamb and third-place Duroc market hog; Claire Getz – fifth-place market lamb; Jillian Gustin – fourth-place Southdown lamb; Sawyer Herbert – third-place Duroc market hog; Wyatt Herbert – sixth-place Duroc market hog; Holly Harvatine – fourth-place market lamb; Luke Harvatine – sixth place market lamb; Andrew Kowalewski – fifth-place market lamb; Chris Kowalewski – seventh-place market hog; Jack Kowalewski – third-place market lamb; Ryan Supancek – sixth-place Shropshire market lamb; Amanda Voll – sixth-place natural colored market lamb; Ryan Wright – fifth-place market goat; and Megan Zipprich – seventh-place Shropshire market lamb.

In the Livestock Skillathon, Alex Empet took third place in Swine Division 1; Chelsea Empet garnered second place in Swine Division 2; Chris Kowalewski took fourth place in Swine Division 3, and Aiden Empet clinched fourth place in Lamb Division 2.