Coterra Participates in Leader McCarthy’s Energy Roundtable

Joined by seven members of Congress and five leaders from across the oil and natural gas industry – including Coterra President and CEO Tom Jorden – House of Representatives Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, recently hosted a roundtable focused on tackling the issues facing the American energy industry. The roundtable, titled, “Making the Case for Energy Production,” encouraged discussion on the current political landscape affecting the overall production of domestic energy – and in turn, the related negative impacts on this country’s citizens. 

Representing the House of Representatives were 

  • Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA-01)
  • Rep. Garrett Graves (R-LA-06)
  • Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR-04)
  • Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-05)
  • Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX-11)
  • Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-OK-05)
  • Rep. Yvette Herrel (R-NM-02)

Current State of Domestic Energy Production

Throughout the roundtable, each had a few moments to speak on the reduction of American jobs, our nation’s decreased energy security, and the toll that higher energy costs (in some cases, an extra $5,000 this year) are having on families across the nation. 

These Republican leaders are banding together to discuss these issues now so that when the time comes for changes in leadership in the future, they can act swiftly to pass the bills necessary to foster a positive environment for domestic energy production. And not only would that change encourage growth for American families, our economy, and our national security, but it would also make a positive impact on the environment in which we all live. The energy produced in the United States has lower emissions than many sources of energy across the globe, ultimately making it a cleaner energy source to advance carbon emission reduction efforts. 

Energy Industry Sees Potential for a Bright Future

When it came time for energy industry leaders to speak, Tom Jorden was in good company with representation from other companies including Devon Energy, Beacon Offshore Energy, San Joaquin Facilities Management, and Elevation Resources. When Tom addressed the group, he introduced himself as coming to the table as an American, rather than a partisan. He is dedicated to the strong energy future of our nation and shared insights on the history of the industry and the shale revolution that began in 2002, and how that same industry helped the country recover from the financial crisis in 2008. 

Tom stated, “I’m very proud of the industry I work in. We want to help. This industry has a tremendous capacity to respond to the crisis in front of America and the world. I think we have a geopolitical opportunity and a responsibility quite frankly. If we want the free world to remain free, American Energy needs to be evangelized and it’s the best thing to do for the global climate.”

While each leader spoke, it became evident to those in the room, and those now watching it at home, that domestic energy production has played a huge role in the recent history of this country, and we will need to once again turn to this industry to help guide our future. 

George Stark

George is the Director of External Affairs at Coterra Energy. He is responsible for managing all public relations, community outreach, advertising and political affairs for the company. Prior to working with Coterra, George held numerous public policy, public relations and governmental affairs positions in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. George graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science.

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