For those who might have missed it, yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a statement that all water testing in Dimock, Pennsylvania had been completed and that the Agency “determined that there are not levels of contaminants present that would require additional action by the Agency.”You can read their full statement here.

“Today, the US Environmental Protection Agency released data from a second, confirmatory set of water samples from its testing in Dimock, PA. EPA also announced that it would cease deliveries to residents currently receiving water from EPA because the agency ‘determined that it is no longer necessary to provide residents with alternative water.’ As with the three previous sets of water samples compiled by EPA at private drinking water wells in Dimock, PA, the data released today once again confirms the EPA’s and DEP’s findings that levels of contaminants found do not possess a threat to human health and the environment.  These findings are consistent with thousands of pages of water quality data previously accumulated by state and local authorities and by Cabot Oil & Gas.   As with the other findings, EPA did not indicate that those contaminants that were detected bore any relationship to oil and gas development in the Dimock area. Cabot’s operations in Dimock have led to significant economic growth in the area, marked by a collaborative relationship with the local community.  Cabot will continue to cooperate with federal, state and local officials in using the best and most accurate science to address public concerns.”