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A Celebration of Women’s History Month

As the end of March and Women’s History Month draws near, we celebrate the women leaders on Coterra’s Board of Directors. Today, and every day, we acknowledge and appreciate the leadership these four women provide to guide our company into the future: Lisa A. Stewart, Dorothy M. Ables, Amanda M. Brock, and Frances M. Vallejo.

In any industry, having female representation on a board of directors is key to increasing the diversity of skills, experiences, opinions, and strategies. As Cabot and Cimarex have come together to bring the best of both companies to Coterra Energy, similarly these leaders are an excellent representation of that same spirit of collaboration to provide a strong foundation for the future.

Lisa A. Stewart

With an extensive background in oil and natural gas, Ms. Stewart joined the Coterra Board of Directors following her tenure on the Cimarex Board of Directors, which began in 2015.  As a leader in the industry with decades of experience in every facet, Ms. Stewart currently serves as Executive Chairman of Sheridan Production Partners, a privately-owned oil and gas operating company she founded in 2006. 

Ms. Stewart has been affiliated with numerous companies throughout the years including El Paso Corporation, El Paso E&P, Apache Corporation, Talisman Energy, Inc., and she currently serves on the Board of Directors of Jadestone Energy and Western Midstream Partners, LP.

Dorothy M. Ables

Ms. Ables brings decades of financial and administrative experience to the table and joined the Coterra Board of Directors following her tenure on the Cabot Board of Directors which began in 2015. She has held a variety of positions through the years and has excelled in leadership roles from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Administrative Officer, gaining vital knowledge she now shares while serving on the Coterra Board of Directors. 

Ms. Ables has been affiliated with several entities in the oil and gas industry including Duke Energy, Duke Energy Gas Transmission, Spectra Energy Corp, and Martin Marietta Materials.

Amanda M. Brock

Ms. Brock has spent her career managing and enhancing global infrastructure businesses throughout the oil and gas, water, and power industries She joined the Coterra Board of Directors following her tenure on the Cabot Board of Directors which began in 2017.

Ms. Brock has been affiliated with numerous companies, including Azurix Corp., Water Standard, and Solaris. Ms. Brock is the President and Chief Operating Officer for Solaris Midstream, and she also currently serves on the Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation Board of Directors.

Frances M. Vallejo

With decades of experience in geophysical, commercial, finance, and leadership roles throughout the oil and natural gas industry, Ms. Vallejo brings vast expertise to the Coterra Board of Directors. She joined the board following her tenure on the Cimarex Board of Directors which began in 2017.

Ms. Vallejo has a long-standing history in leadership at ConocoPhillips, where she most recently served as Vice President for Corporate Planning and Development. Before that position, she held a variety of leadership roles across various sectors in the company.

Each of these women has had significant contributions to the Coterra Board of Directors and we celebrate their achievements and leadership all year long. To learn more about these women and their leadership on our Board, please visit the Board of Directors page of the Coterra website.

Natalie Clarke

Natalie is the External Affairs Coordinator at Coterra Energy. She manages all external communications to create impactful messages and stories that reach our local communities. Prior to her position at Coterra, Natalie worked with a telecommunications company leading their digital marketing initiatives. She attended Carlow University and earned a BA in Corporate Communications and Mass Media.

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