Cabot is so excited about partnering with the Scranton Area Community Foundation (SACF), NEPA Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC), and many others for the second annual NEPA Gives initiative. This year, NEPA Gives will also include the Endless Mountains region and Carbon and Pike Counties. Because of this expansion, we’re reaching out to some partnering nonprofit organizations in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties to get them involved and offer our support by matching a portion of the funds they raise.  

We’re proud to announce the list of local nonprofits that Cabot will be supporting in this year’s NEPA Gives event: 

Participating nonprofits will be promoting their efforts throughout the month of May to prepare for the one-day virtual giving event. It will be held from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 4th. During this time, donors can easily contribute online to the organizations of their choosing. 

The SACF executed the first Day of Giving last year in light of so many service organizations and agencies being unable to conduct their regular fundraising events due to the pandemic. Prior to that, they had conducted a smaller Match Day in a similar vein. The overwhelming success of the initiative prompted organizers to start sooner and bring more groups on board. 

NEPA Gives flyer

“After five years, the board pushed us to think outside the box and expand our outreach,” Vivian Williams, community initiatives coordinator for the SAFC, explained. “This year, we’re really excited about having the time to increase the support.” 

“The goal is to hit at least a million dollars in donations and involve 200 non-profits,” said Kurt Bauman, executive director for NCAC. “It provides the incentive for more nonprofits to participate. And donor money is the most flexible money they have, as opposed to grants.” 

There are various ways to build additional value outside of sponsor matching. If an organization reaches certain goals, NEPA Gives will provide cash prizes, for example, to the first five organizations to reach $1,000. Some participating business sponsors also plan to offer useful products and services as incentives to achieve specific fundraising targets. 

Vivian, Kurt, SCAF communications manager Brittany Pagnotti, and others working behind the scenes are finalizing lists of participating nonprofits, sponsorships, and incentives. There’s still time to register your organization with NEPA Gives, but the sooner the better. Radio, TV, newspaper and billboard ads will be going out soon. You’ll want potential donors to understand in advance what this exciting day is all about. 

The size of your organization is not as important as how you stage your campaign, Kurt maintains. “The smaller groups did really well last year by planning and getting their boards and donors ready for the day,” he related. Now is the time for board members and staff of participating nonprofits to begin preparing for the Day of Giving. NEPA Gives organizers have even created a Nonprofit Toolkit that provides logos and templates for outreach. “It brings awareness to them, opening eyes for donors to organizations they have never seen,” Kurt stated. 

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we’ll be spotlighting the nonprofits that we will be directly supporting!