Thanksgiving Recipes with Natural Gas

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Cabot and to celebrate the upcoming festivities, here are five of our favorite recipes that are made hot and delicious using a trusty natural gas stove. 

Even though natural gas is the most affordable and reliable energy source to cook your Thanksgiving meal, here are some additional ways to remain energy conscious during meal prep:

  • Use glass and ceramic dishes. They hold heat well and allow you to lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees
  • Keep the oven door closed at all times. The temperature drops 25-75 degrees each time the oven door is opened, so monitor cooking time and peek through your oven window, if possible, to check on your food
  • Use your microwave for defrosting and cooking small portions quickly
  • Plan to bake more than one dish or cook an entire meal in the oven to save energy

Our Top 5 Favorite Recipes (all made possible using a natural gas stove):

Rustic Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Go the rustic route (instead of the traditional peeled and whipped) with these garlic mashed potatoes. Red potatoes naturally have delicate, tender skins, so they’re perfect for mashing whole right in their pot so they’ll stay warm until you’re ready to serve them.


You may be used to cooking stuffing in the oven, but did you know it can be made on the stovetop too? Of course it can!

Steam Fried Green Beans & Mushrooms

Green beans are a must when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes. They’re delicious and healthy, whether steamed, roasted, or folded into a casserole. Steam-frying might sound a bit complicated to a newcomer, but it’s really just a quick way of getting vegetables tender on the natural gas stovetop without using a lot of extra cooking oil.

Brussels Sprouts Hash

Slice your sprouts into thin ribbons and sauté on the natural gas stove with butter, onions, and pancetta. Dress them up even more with a topping of butter-browned walnuts and crispy fried sage. Most people turn up their nose at Brussels sprouts, but these are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Maple Pecan Drizzle

Mashed sweet potato recipes usually start with roasting them in the oven and then whipping them together after. For a quick natural gas stovetop version, simmer the potatoes in a rich cooking liquid that can then get blended right in at the end.






Kelsey Mulac

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