In Pennsylvania, approximately 1.8 million families are in need of food assistance and rely on local food banks to put food on the table for themselves and their children. Even with access to food banks, good quality protein is sometimes hard to come by, especially during the holiday season.

Since 1991, Hunters Sharing the Harvest has coordinated a very successful and growing campaign to end this plight during the holiday season. This sportsmen-inspired outreach program effectively channels wholesome venison via a network of approved deer processors and food banks down to local charitable organizations in our urban and rural communities.
And 23 years after its founding, the program now expects to bring in approximately 100,000 pounds of processed venison for distribution through the state’s 20 regional food banks each year; who then re-distribute to more than 4,000 local provider charities such as food pantries, missions, homeless shelters, Salvation Army facilities and churches as well as families. An average-sized deer will provide enough highly-nutritious, low-cholesterol meat for 200 meals
Cabot is once again proud to partner with and sponsor Hunters Sharing the Harvest. This year Cabot’s financial contribution will offset the cost of butchering for anyone interested in donating a deer in Susquehanna or Wyoming Counties. Cabot will also continue to promote this program to its employees, contractors and landowners.

With more hungry people than before, more hunters are needed to donate deer this year. To find a participating processor near you check out this interactive map of meat processor locations statewide or download the HSH 2014 Meat Processor PDF.
If your not a hunter you can still make a donation to the program (it costs about $25 to process a deer) or volunteer by following this link: HSH 2014 Get Involved.